Pro Bono Consulting Available to Morristown, NJ Non-Profits

Morristown area friends:  Please circulate to friends who might be interested.

I do pro bono statistical consulting for Morristown-area non-profits as a community service project. Specifically, I am available to give advising sessions for local non-profit boards who are working on planning and fielding surveys, harvesting internal data, and interpreting survey, internal, or publicly-available data in support of strategic planning or marketing initiatives.

I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York – Queens College, and both a faculty member and former Director of Queens College’s Program in Data Analytics and Applied Social Research. I earned my Doctorate in Sociology from Princeton University, and previously worked as a faculty member of Temple University’s business school. To learn more about me, visit my web site at

If you know of local non-profits who might like help, please invite them to contact me at

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