As a disciplinary service and public sociology project, I run the Sociocast Project, which produces academic sociology podcasts and develops resources to promote podcasting in our discipline.  As of Spring 2019, our catalog received an average of rouhgly 500 daily listens.

Our flagship show is The Annex, co-hosted by me and two grad school friends working at UCLA and Georgetown.  It is a lighthearted banter and interview show about academic sociology. The show is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, and Radio Free Public.

Podcast Episodes

Generations Theories

We discuss “generations theories”, which postulate that massive cohorts of 10 – 20 years have relevant, predictive shared traits.

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Black Panther

We discuss the potential impact of Black Panther’s commercial success on studio’s interest in supporting more movies featuring black casts

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