How Will Society Change in Response to COVID19?

How did COVID19 happen? Why did we botch its handling? How will society change in response to the virus?

Alison Buttenheim is an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania. She specializes in how people make health-related decisions.

Malia Jones is an Assistant Scientist at the Applied Population Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She looks at spatial differences in health outcomes.

Amy Hsin is an Associate Professor of Sociology here at Queens College in the City University of New York. She is an expert on education and immigration, and has worked on New York schools’ closure.

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  1. Maybe it’s wrong but I also have been thinking a lot about climate change during this. I hope that when this all shakes out, there will be more will to raise taxes and use these tax dollars in order to push for clean technologies.

    Also, as someone who left a job in order to be closer to an ailing parent 4 years ago, I am equal parts happy and furious that we have come to the place where working from home is not seen as a special perk but as a necessity. I only wish that this attitude was common 4 years ago, as the decision by my employer to not allow me to work from home ended up costing me tens of thousands of dollars.

    I hope that laws are changed that guarantee this flexibility moving forward.

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