Announcing the Measuring Socialism Data Set

A new, freely-available data set measuring countries’ conformity to free market/socialist ideals.

Tired of the old, impressionistic, non-rigorous Venezuela vs. Norway arguments about socialism? Would you like to make systematic comparisons based on empirical data?

Joseph van der Naald and I are happy to share Measuring Socialism, a data compilation of 240+ variables that measure of 43 countries’ semblance to free market/socialist ideals. You can use these data to develop empirical assessments of countries’ economic systems, and then test propositions linking socialism or free markets to political, economic or social outcomes.

The data is free to download (data and codebook). The scripts used to generate the set are available as well through the Open Science Framework.

Author: Joseph N. Cohen

Associate Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York, Queens College

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