Major Outlet Appearances

Mary Harris (2017) "Canadians Have Universal Health Insurance.  Why Not the US?"  WNYC.  December 13

Lisa Roepe (2017) “Think You Know What the Other Half Earns?  Not So Fast” OZY. June 4

Christopher Rugaber (2016) “Trump would hike taxes for some in middle class” USA Today, November 27.

Christopher Rugaber (2016) “For some in middle class, Trump plan would mean tax increase“ Associated Press. November 25

Christopher Ingraham (2016) “Consumer conundrum: Luxuries get cheaper, necessities more expensive” Washington Post.  August 17

Helaine Olen (2016) “The United States of Debt” Podcast series from Slate

Peter Hogness (2014) “QC Sociologist: Where Our Money Goes” Clarion, November 26.  Winner of New York Labor Communications Council: Best Editorial Column

Christopher R. Rugaber (2014) "Middle Class Squeeze: From Day Care to Health Care" Associated Press: Big Story.  September 24.

Richard Salit and Alex Kuffner (2014) "Middle Class Squeeze: R.I. wages flatlining as workers struggle" Providence Journal.  May 31.

Central Time (2014) "Middle Class Money Squeeze" Wisconsin Public Radio.  May 12.  

Carol Morello and Scott Clement (2014) "'Happy Days' no more: Middle-class families squeezed as expenses soar, wages fall" Washington Post, April 26.

Helaine Olen (2014) "Essay: Our Brains Aren't to Blame for Our Financial WoesBloomberg.  April 7.

KCBS Radio (2013)  August 25.  

Helaine Olen (2013) "Giving up coffee to balance the books: how many lattes to financial freedom?The Guardian.  August 13.